Bamboo Fencing: Eco Friendly and Appear Great

Bamboo fencing is a fancy and environmentally friendly choice compared to wood or chain link. The advantages of bamboo as a fence are unquestionable. Since bamboo is not wood and classified as grass where takes less time – about 5 to 7 years to mature and ready for harvesting – to grow than wood, which is why it is more ecofriendly. The next advantage of using bamboo fencing is that it’s durable and strong. And the best advantage is bamboo appear nice on its unique design and structure.

bamboo fencing

Bamboo Fencing Functionality

Bamboo fencing is often used for many purposes. You are able to make privacy fences that not solely prevent people from directly seeing into your property area, but more important provides a secure line of your house. A garden fence will also look very nice if you use bamboo. It also can be used to build a Japanese fence to enhance the look of your garden or yard.

Bamboo fencing can be found almost anywhere. And most home improvement stores often have bamboo fence suppliers, and they will carry the bamboo fence supplies that you just need to both set up your bamboo fence and maintain it properly.

Treatment against Weather

Like any other natural fencing material, bamboo fencing will need good treatment to prevent decay and weathering. It’s much recommended for you to apply UV resistant stain to your bamboo fencing and gates –just put a thin coat- so it will be protected from the weathering effects of your local climate. Like all other natural fencing material, bamboo will weather, dry out and then crack over time. The weathering condition that your bamboo might experience will highly rely on the climatic conditions in your area, and also the maintenance you have done.

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