Decorating Bookshelves

Decorating Bookshelves – Whether you’ve got a built-in bookshelf or you simply have a large detached bookshelf, it may be difficult to come to a decision on how you would like to utilize the space. Most of people prefer to use bookshelves as not solely storage for their books, but additionally an area in the room that radiates style and personality.

decorating bookshelves

Here are some ideas on how you’ll be able to utilize and decorating bookshelves in your home.

Decorating Bookshelves with Books

It may be good judgment to place books on your bookshelf however this does not mean you can randomly place your library up on the shelves. In fact, you won’t use the bookshelf for most of your books. A good way in decorating bookshelves is with interesting and antique books that offer the space personality. These could be old books you find at a marketplace or used book store or they can be modern-day coffee books or some art books. What kind of book you want to use all depends on what style you’re going for.

Another factor to think about is where you place the books. Unless you would like the whole bookshelf to only be books, decide certain areas of the shelf to display and arrange the interesting books. You are able to use trendy bookends to carry the books in place. You can also even get more creative by organize some books horizontally and some others vertically. Otherwise you can organize books by color and size.

Decorating Bookshelves with Picture Frames

The picture frames that you simply place on the bookshelf might have actual photographs in them or some kind works of art – it all depends on the style you’re going with. Some people might place photos of their family on the shelves, while others are framed paintings or professional pictures. Make sure to use frames that match the design of the room.

Decorating Bookshelves with Figurines

There are thousands of various ways in which you can decorate a bookshelf with figurines. The figurines that you can simply choose for this space ought to appropriately reflect the fashion of the room. You are able to use figurines to hold up books or you can simply place all of them alone on a shelf. Look for figurines that seem to go together however don’t seem to be precisely the same. Figurines could be a really general term, and might mean something from a sculpture to a craft piece to little knickknacks.

Decorating Bookshelves with Plants and Flowers

A vase full of flowers or a little house plant will look nice once placed on a bookshelf. This could be a way that you simply can add some different colors to the area as well as lighten up the area. If you’re using real flowers and plants, simply make sure that you are taking care of them properly and not ruining anything on the shelves with leaky water or forgotten leaves.

Decorating Bookshelves by Adjusting the Shelves

When you modify the heights of the bookshelves you will create a unique space that’s personally yours. On one area of the shelf, you will have an area that is large enough to accommodate larger books or a plant. On another spot of the bookshelf, you may have a small space in between for smaller books or for some small figurines. Adjusting the bookshelves is one of the most effective ways to feature some real style to the house.

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