Having a Healthy Fishpond

Healthy fishponds simply don’t just happen, but should be carefully taken care of. Most people who had fishpond will ever meet the situation where their fish were in an unhealthy pond’s environment. There are many steps you need to take if you wish to keep up a healthy fishpond.


Proper pond construction

If you’re going to build a fishpond, then you need to set up your pond fastidiously. Pond location should be the first important factor to consider. Depending on what kind and how many fish you’re going to place in your pond you also need to think about the depth of the pond. The afternoon shade is good for your fish. So arrange your pond’s installation so that you got some shade for your fish.

Pond filtration

You need to have a proper and adequate system of filtration for your fishpond. Sizing the filtration system to your pond becomes the most important thing to consider. Not having the right pond filtration system is often frustrating. Cleaning the filter constantly takes all the fun out of having a fishpond. You wish to show your neighbors all the fish in your pond but you’re embarrassed because all they can see is just cloudy water.

Pond pump

You do not need to go low cost here. Size your pump for a bigger pond. Why? You have to move the water at a steady pace through your filter, thus maintaining good water flow will keep your fishpond clean and healthy.

Do not overcrowd the fish

Putting too many fish in your pond will cause too much waste to collect, typically lead to filter overload. A decent rule is that for every 6 inch fish you ought to have one hundred gallons of water.

Don’t over feed the fish

Over feeding your fish are often the same as overcrowding, again we’ve got too much waste which may turn out high nitrate concentration.

Always cover your fishpond within the fall

Once it’s time for the leaves to fall then it’s time to cover the pond. It’s forever a good policy within the fall of the year to cover the fishpond with a good quality net which will catch all the leaves that start to fall. Once the leaves reach the water they’ll decay, that could lead to unhealthy water and your fish become diseased.

Fishpond is one way to bring the peaceful environment on your yard. And keep them healthy will keep you and your family joyful. If you prefer to swim rather than only see the fish do so, try following swimming pool designs as your reference in making a great swimming pool on your yard.

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