How to Fix a Clogged Sink – Kitchen Tips

How to Fix a Clogged Sink – Accumulated debris like hair, food, soap residues and grease on the drain might cause a sink to clog. Aside from it inflicting a headache, it may even cause a lot of problems if not taken cared of quickly. Cleanup a clogged sink drain is truly not that troublesome to do. Since in fact, there are plenty of ways to unclog a sink drain. Here are some tips about the way to do that.

how to fix a clogged sink

Tip on how to fix a clogged sink #1 Use baking soda and vinegar

how to fix clogged kitchen sink


Put a tablespoon of baking soda on your sink and then pour in about quarter cup of vinegar into the drain. Let it stand for about twenty to half-hour to let the chemicals react together. After that, pour in hot water into the drain to get rid of build-ups and any foul odors. The hot water will help a lot in eliminating the grease or other build-up sticking on it.

Tip on how to fix a clogged sink #2 Use a commercial chemical cleaner

You could additionally purchase a commercial chemical sink drain cleaner to fix a clogged sink. You have to take care though once using such cleaners because it contains chemicals that might be dangerous if not used properly. Additionally, you furthermore may have to avoid using strong chemical cleaners if you have plastic drain pipes because it might damage the pipes.

Tip on how to fix a clogged sink #3 Look for the assistance of a plumber

If the problem cannot be fixed by any of the tips above, you may need to consider seeking the assistance of a plumber. A plumber might troubleshoot the basis of the problem and fix it. You may visit websites of nearby plumber or just ask your neighbors to look for professional plumbers who would be much more than willing to do the job for you.

Preventing a clogged sink drain is a way easier than trying to fix a clogged sink. Don’t dump debris on the drain to avoid them clogging your sink. Last tips on how to fix a clogged sink is try to pour in hot water into your sink drain at least once a week. This is able to help prevent build-up that causes clogged sinks.

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