Natural Stone Tile Flooring for Bathroom Area

Natural Stone Tile Flooring – Well known for their aesthetic value and all beauty stone tiles made of natural stone have just become quite popular. These naturally created stones or pebbles as they’re typically known as; come from riverbeds or places where they have been polished to a fine finish by running water after they have been collected they’re molded into a slab with the desired shape according to what the client desires and later installed comparatively easily. They have a wonderful finish and are used on floors and also pavements, counters, and even on walls. Glass mosaic tiles are used for these kind purposes and have some inherent advantages. Though they’re interchangeable in some uses, they have some disadvantages.

natural stone tile flooring

Pros and Cons of Natural Stone Tile Flooring

  1. The stone tiles are available in many different colors sizes and shapes as well as a varied texture; that creates it better in some ways than the glass mosaic. The glass tile however may be modified to suit most needs.
  2. The stone tiles can wear less and last longer than the glass tile due to the fact that it’s not as brittle and not as likely to chip. Heat, cold and other elements of nature will have a very small effect on the natural stone.
  3. Natural stone tile as well as the glass mosaic tiles has both been used for hundreds of years, but the stone tiles still stands out as a modern finish. They have ne’er gone out of favor and they complement regarding any kind of interior finish you wish to use.
  4. Natural stone tiles are very reasonable and simple to maintain while the glass mosaic tiles are more expensive and need a lot of work to maintain. Excessive cleansing of the tiles simply results in re-polishing the pebbles while the glass tiles are easier to scratch which makes them look worn.
  5. Even if the glass tiles can be found in a very wide range color they do not have the nice and cozy colors of the stone tiles. The nice and cozy colors of the tile are a lot more comfortable and welcoming. This is the reason why the stone tiles are usually used in offices, households or conference centers where a warm serenity is needed.
  6. Because of its versatility stone tiles are sought-after goods. The immeasurable capability of the stone tiles to be formed into almost every configuration including kitchen slabs, pavement slabs, floor and bathroom tiling make it popular.
  7. Because naturally-occurring stone tiles are always available and simple to seek out, while the glass tiles are harder to find and typically ought to be pre-ordered before you begin on your project.

Also consider glass tiles combined with natural stone tile flooring

Although we have been talking regarding the benefits of natural stone tile flooring over glass tiles you need to take the appliance into consideration. Depending on the rest of the bathroom the glass tiles may look better.

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