Gable, Flat or Shed – How to Select Roof Types?

Roof types have their specifics and cannot always suit with your construction project, the weather or geographic location and also your budget. In this article we are going to show you to the benefits and drawbacks of the most in style roof types – gable, shed and flat roof.

Roof Types

Gable Roof

The roof consists of 2 equal slanted surfaces places in front of each other. There are 2 flat surfaces on the other 2 sides and often they’re simply sequels of the house wall. Typically the front door of the home is at identical side with one of these flat surfaces. The typical pith of this roof types is between 4/12 and 10/12. This means a very steep gable roof.

It is preferred in the Western countries and also in the entire Europe. There are some reasons for this. The areas with somewhat temperate weather the roof should serve as insulation both from heat and also from cold. Gable roof is good for this condition because it ensures lots of air between the sloping surfaces and also the actual ceiling of the house. Many houses use this intermediate space for storing stuff or building small garrets.

Gable roof is additionally good for snowy areas. The sloping surfaces cover the top of the house therefore snow remains there for long which reduces the issues with moisture. The other advantage of the gable roof is that it’s comparatively simple to create and rather cheap. That’s why it is so popular! But don’t build a house with gable roof if you live in a very windy location. These roofs get simply broken from hurricanes.

Flat Roof

The flat roof, mentioned earlier is very cool. It’s awesome for the hot season because you can use it as a large terrace. You can have a play space on it or maybe a small pool (be careful with pools because you don’t wish water pouring in your house). In this recent year the green roofs also become extremely popular, and basically they’re flat roofs as well.

In areas with heavy rains and snow this roof types might need a little more investments in insulation and drainage system. Insulation is fairly important if you live during a very hot space as well because there’s not much air between the roof and your ceiling. One option is to create a ceiling below the roof allowing a meter or so however this implies extra money. If you’ve got lots of sun out there suppose installing solar panels on your roof – they will pay off long-run.

Shed Roof

The shed roof is a very simple roof with just one sloping surface. It solves the problem with snow and drainage and provides some insulation space. For many houses the shed roof (known also as lean-to roof) appear a bit strange that’s why it’s usually utilized in garden buildings like sheds and garages. Some houses, particularly mountain huts might look sensible with such roof types.

There are also several different roof types you may wish to check out before deciding what to choose: mansard, gambrel, hip, cross gabled, bonnet and many more.

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