Sustainable Flooring: Four Options to Contemplate for an Eco-Friendly Home

If you’re considering either change your flooring or are building from the bottom up, you’ll consider some sustainable flooring or eco-friendly choices. Putting in a sustainable floor does not need to be unattractive. There are lots of choices on the market that are friendly to the environment. Following are few sustainable selections you can think about as you transform your home:

Sustainable Flooring

Recycled Glass Tiles

Glass is a very nice covering, particularly if you wish to install the sustainable flooring. Glass tiles usually are made from bottles which has been recycled. These kinds of tiles are available in many forms of patterns and colors, therefore allowing you to customize your house with any approach you would like. Except for being fabricated from a sustainable material, glasses are also nice because it resists mold, mildew and also stains. Additionally, glass tiles are simple to install if you want to cut costs and do it by yourself.

Cork Tiles

Another innovative and sustainable flooring choice is cork tiles. Cork can be found on trees which usually grown in the Mediterranean. The cork is harvested from the bark of those trees that makes it even more sustainable since the trees don’t need to be cut down. After a few years, the bark then can grow back and can be harvested again. Cork is healthy because it’s anti-microbial and fire resistant.

Reclaimed Hardwood

Reclaimed hardwood is quickly turning into a favorable alternative in several homes and businesses. This kind of flooring is harvested from dismantled houses and other buildings and then reused in new construction. This hardwood will either be re-sanded to appear new; otherwise you could leave it as is for a more rustic style. To seek out reclaimed hardwood, you have to look for a merchant that sells this kind of wood. Instead, you can hunt down demolition projects around your location. You can even able to deal with a contractor to salvage the wood by yourself.


Bamboo flooring could be a sustainable flooring choice that is turning into very popular. Bamboo isn’t a wood however a kind of grass that’s very durable and can be manufactured into planks that may installed in nearly any space in the house. Bamboo planks have an exquisite grain on them, very similar to the wood grain on natural hardwoods. Bamboo will grow very quickly and also abundantly, making it a good natural resource.

Installing renewable and sustainable flooring could be a nice choice for your home. Any of those choices would be lovely in a home or business. Selecting an eco-friendly floor offers you a stunning look while not sacrificing the surroundings.

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