Wood Fence Designs: Between Shape and Functionality

Wood Fence Designs – Fencing will bring on a lot of required privacy and security we want in our homes. Moreover, wood fencing specifically, may provide the house and its surrounding landscape the proper touch of rustic charm to enhance its look.

wood fence designs

Wood fences are available in a variety of designs and wood materials. It’s best to remember though, that selecting the correct style for a wood fence depends mostly on two main factors that a home-owner is also aiming for: the shape, or the aesthetic appeal; and also the functionality, or the most purpose why you’re putting up a fence surrounding your house in the first place.

Depending on the homeowner’s end target and the style of the house, wood fences will typically fill the requirement for each form and functionality. As an example, if your chief purpose is to possess a semblance of privacy or to add visual attractiveness to your home, there are several wood fence designs which will address these needs.

For others, the selection isn’t so clear-cut. Once endeavoring to provide as much security as possible to your property, a metal or stone fencing would be a lot more applicable under the circumstances, regardless the actual fact that wood fencing is also a much better suitable the design of your house.

Wood Fence Designs: When Shape is the Main Consideration

Choose the type of wood fence that might best complement the style and create of your home as well as the overall landscaping design that it has. Here are the essential wood fence designs and the house designs where they might have the foremost appeal:

  • Picket-style fence. This kind of fencing provides quaint charm most fitted for cottage-style homes and those with landscape styles leaning towards English garden themes. Picket-style fencing additionally comes in a variety of styles and the most common is dog-ear spaced picket, French gothic spaced picket, and also the pointed top spaced picket.
  • Split-rail wood fence. Excellent for a rustic feel, ranch-style homes and those with landscaping impressed by the Southwestern US style ought to find a good match with the split-rail wood fencing. The Western red cedar wood is the best material for the split-rail style.
  • Log wood fence. This style is the true great thing about wood and best matches houses designed with a country theme. While most are put in as vertical panels, horizontals log panels are not uncommon.

Wood Fence Designs: When Functionality is the Top Priority

Wood fencing is also a good selection for its aesthetics however on a lot of sensible level, wood fences best serve two principal functions: privacy and sturdiness. For these two necessary uses, many wood fence designs could also be used:

  • Stockade fence. With the wood which slats vertically aligned without spaces in between and also the tops pointed out, stockade fencing is one among the foremost applicable wood fence designs when the intention is to get absolute privacy from the outside.
  • Solid board fence. Solid board fencing is additionally a good style alternative to provide a whole visual barrier from onlookers. It additionally is a good noise barrier and adds some extent of security in addition. For a more ornamental finish, a solid board fence may be combined with lattice work on top.
  • Lattice fencing. Lattice fences are a well-liked selection for fences that provides a semblance of privacy and nevertheless allow some air and sunlight at the same time. Lattice slats is also laid out diagonally for diamond-shaped spaces, however may be placed vertically and horizontally to form square-shaped openings.

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